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Quality of service and penalties terms for Partner

Cablo partner, hereafter called cablo driver, Cablo operator, Vendor or Services providers, in consolidated representation as partner is liable to provides quality of services as per service agreement.

If You accept any duty from the cablo, it means you will abide by the terms of services and you will be liable for all kind of issue, appraisal and penalties as well.
The Quality of services comprises below stuff and in standard consequences it need to be strictly follow.
 1 Clean vehicle – Vehicle must be neat and clean and with highest possible quality of upholstery along over all seat of consumer, driver and any other places.
2- complete documents – in any case vehicle not allow to ride or take ride of vehicle is having insufficient number of permits, Insurance, Registration certificates, or any other necessary documents that required in one state to another state.
3 Driving License – any driver who take consumer on ride must have a valid driving license with no expiry date and also having no penalties for rush driving etc
4 Non-Alcoholic - any drive only taken by customer when driver is in normal stage and not consume any kinds of alcohol, drugs or anything that is banned in any state or city or constituencies.
5 healthy – Driver must be fit for ride and able to ride vehicle with comfort are only allow to go with customer. Any driver with improper or unstable health history not allows to operate or run any of the vehicle.
6 arms and ammunition - in any case driver must not hold in possession any kind of arms and ammunition or not having any criminal record or burglary, theft, sexual abuse or any other kind of criminal of civil conspiracies or involve in such act that is treated as anti-national at any places.
Paneities (direct and indirect)
When you accept the ride as a driver or as an operator you are agree to abide by the clauses of penalties and no additional signature or agreement required to be fulfill.
Roles of driver is employee of operator or partner, so in all the cases when any penalties imposed on driver is indirectly imposes over operator itself. The process of penalties is starting from warning and end up the termination of services along with withholding all the payments (advance or Invoices for repeated Consequences’ of the events)
Cablo 5 P guide
The top 5 penalties apply to operator partner or driver are as below. Apart from these there is many additional can be imposed as per the regulatory requirement of government of India.
1 Late Reporting – Rs. 50 for 10 Min late incidence of first 5. After 5 The penalties increased to 250 and maximum late fee for upto 2 Hours will be Rs. 2000/-
2 Alcoholic Drive – Suspension of services and termination of driving contract of driver with a minimum penalty of Rs. 5000 if reported by Consumer that driver driving with alcohol or in influence of any prohibited drugs alcohol or medicine not allow to consume.
3 Misbehaving – any kid of misbehaving with customer is not allow at all. In the case of such incident when driver find guilty they will be charged with a penalty equal to the discount that provided to client. First incident can come with warning and repeated one lead to penalties of 5000 each such incidence.  In case same keep repeating a case may be filed by company or consumer and then damage as per court instruction need to be paid.
4 brand defaming – in any incidence of brand defaming or such act find then it will be penalized and such amount can be as per the jurisdiction of the new delhi decision.
5 Rush driving – any rush driving of first 5 incident is come with warning and then 150  per incidence  for next 5 time. After 10 such incidence suspension of driving services imposed on driver and operator instructed to not employ such driver at any cost.