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Why become fleet operator

Few reasons why become operator with us

Tyre Sale up 25%

Get detailed reports of total earnings

Mobile Sale up 45%

Live tracking of all your drivers and cars

LED Lights Sale up 25%

Monitor driver logins and other trip details

LED Lights Sale up 25%

Get alerts like payments, logouts, etc.

It's easy to get started

Follow some steps

  • Sign up online

    Tell us a little about yourself and your car. Vehicle requirements vary by region, so we'll show you what's needed for your city.

  • Share some documents

    Just upload your license, registration, permit, proof of insurance, and the necessary information to start a driver screening.

  • Get the app and go

    Once you're approved to drive with Cablo as an independent contractor, we'll provide everything you need to be a success on the road.

  • About the app

    Designed according to fleet operators

    When you want to make money, just open the app and you'll start to receive trip requests. You'll get information about your rider and directions to their location and destination. When the trip is over, you'll receive another nearby request. And if you're ready to get off the road, you can sign off at any time.

    See how it work
  • Cablo Insurance Protection

    Cablo provides additional insurance policies, at no cost to the driver. We worked with leading insurance carriers to provide various coverages including: commercial auto liability insurance up to $1M per occurrence, contingent comprehensive and collision insurance for drivers who carry comprehensive and collision coverage on their personal auto policy, and coverage for bodily injury caused by uninsured. Get information about our insurance policies.

Driver's Review

What they love about us

"I am able to provide a comfortable living for my family & education of my two children by driving my car at Cablo."

Mahalakshmi, Bengaluru

"A friend told me about Cablo. I started by attaching a car in Mini category & I have not looked back ever since."

Ajay Victor D'Souza, Mangalore

"I'm a qualified doctor. I see my patients in the morning & switch to Cablo by afternoon to supplement my income."

Shailendra Shinde, SCablopur

" "I wanted a job that would pay me well for the amount of time & hard work I'd invest. That's why I chose to partner with Cablo." "

Swamy, Hyderabad